Meet Bob, the inventor, surfer and extreme jetboarder:

Above: Bob Montgomery surfing at Lowers Trestles, San Clemente CA, October 28 2010
Bob Montgomery inventor of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard™, has been a surfer all his life and an extreme jetboarder for over 30 years. 

Bob Montgomery began surfing competitively in 1961 and went on to surf for such legendary surfers as Chuck Dent and Dewey Weber. Bob was one of the first charter members of the Huntington Beach Surf Association. Bob placed second by just two points behind Jock Sutherland at the Huntington Beach USSA Surf Contest. That year Jock would go on to capture the World Title.

Bob was a member of the Duke Kahanamoku Surf Team out of Huntington Beach, California. Duke Kohanamoku was the father of surfing and introduce surfing to the world. See picture below of Bob and Duke. 

Bob's vision and love of surfing, similar to Duke's vision, has been to introduce surfing to the masses through the sport of JetBoarding, so everyone could surf on flat water. 

Now everyone can get on a jetboard and Surf the World™ 

Let's go surfing now!   Ride the Fiberglass Rocketship™ !

.Bob has an extensive background in recreational water sports and the personal watercraft industry, spanning more than 25 years. His initial impact on the PWC industry occurred in 1977. At that time, Kawasaki jet skis were gathering dust at motorcycle dealerships. In fact, Kawasaki was about to close the doors on its jet ski product line. Mr. Montgomery approached Kawasaki and proposed a new direction to stimulate sales - target marine locations for selling PWC exclusively.

He established the first such dealership, quickly outselling all other Kawasaki dealerships and leading the way for others to follow. Kawasaki's decision to pursue new marketing directions proved to be a billion dollar decision, resulting in the eventual overwhelming commercial success of the Jet Ski. Mr. Montgomery was active on the national scene as well, advancing promotional programs that have been successful to this day, like 'Demo Days' and televised Jet Ski racing. Mr. Montgomery's Kawasaki experiences in marketing, sales, rentals, service, repair, flooring, warranty, and the Dealer/Manufacturer relationship have proved invaluable in steering the Patented PowerSki JetBoard™ project.
Below Bob Montgomery's Bonzai High Performance after market jet ski parts brochure from the 1970's:

In 1981, Mr. Montgomery extended his knowledge of manufacturing, engineering and design to the Surf Jet Corporation in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

His patented design work made the Surf Jet Freestyle 236 and the Surf Jet Malibu 275 far more reliable and maneuverable than their predecessors. In 1987, Mr. Montgomery envisioned the mega market opportunity selling the surfing lifestyle to the masses that would accompany the development of an entirely new and conceptually different high performance motorized surfboard; featuring the sideways stance, the surfboard contour, ease of operation, performance and speed, embodied in a quality product. For years he has focused his efforts toward developing such a product. The result is the PowerSki Jetboard™.

Bob Montgomery designed the 236 Freestyle SurfJet Hull and the Pacifica SurfJet Hull in the late 70's/early 80's at his surfboard factory Aquatic Energy in Huntington Beach. Bob is on the design patent for the above mentioned SurfJet Hulls. Bob did SurfJet's marketing including brochures, numerous TV Shows and Magazine World Wide. See below Bob riding the SurfJet 236 Freestyle.
Watch This Classic  early 1980's Bob Montgomery riding in Hawaii, South American Hollywood Cigarette Commercial Video:
Bob Montgomery Top to Bottom Freestylin and banking off the lip on his re-designed SurfJet Hull!
Below: Bob Montgomery with his wife and son Chad, enjoying the surfing lifestyle on the beach.
Bob Montgomery believes PowerSki JetBoard's™ impact on the sideways stance industry could be a very big success. For example it's what Snowboard did to the skiing industry, selling the surfing lifestyle to the masses and the packaging, accessories, clothing and after market parts that goes with it. 
Bob’s vision is one where people from around the world and of all ages can experience the endless enjoyment of the surfing lifestyle with a Powerski Jetboard™ on any flat body of water. 

Below Bob and Joe in China, summer 2010.
Below: Bob Montgomery test riding the short nose model of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard in China, summer 2010.
The Patented PowerSki JetBoard™ is the one, and only, revolutionary patented, motorized surfboard. With its sleek design, high- performance characteristics and user-friendly features, the PowerSki JetBoard is unlike any other watercraft on today's market.  Featuring a fixed- directional jet drive system, the  Jetboard is highly stable and easy to ride. Designed with balance, logic, and beauty in mind and is a hybrid of a high-performance surfboard and a jet ski. 
Introducing Surfing to the masses with the  originators of the sport of jetboarding. 

Robert E Montgomery Invented  the Patented PowerSki JetBoard, the high perofmance motorized surfboard, Flat Engine Technologyand is the pioneer of the Sport of JetBoarding.  This amazing product is  covered with approximately 50 patents world wide (please see patent section for more details). 

 PowerSki Technology was awarded utility and design patents in the United States and has had more than 50 worldwide design and utility patents issued to it for  the motorized surfboard, and improved motorized water ski design.