PowerSki Jetboard Patents Section

PowerSki JetBoard has more than 60 worldwide design and utility patents issued for the motorized surfboard and flat engine technology including Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand South Africa, South America, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan  just to name a few. 

The Patented PowerSki  JetBoard was invented by Bob Montgomery in mid 1980’s. Bob designed and made his first prototypes in 1986/1987 in his garage. Above picture shows Bob’s first turn on his running prototype in 1988/1989. The Hydroforce Group, founded by Bob Montgomery around 1990/1991, was licensed by the inventor with the exclusive rights for the patented PowerSki JEtBoard and Flat Engine Technology including the rights improve the design through R&D, Manufacture, Market and to Sell World Wide. How ever all improvements of the design for manufacturing, tooling and information, design specs, IP’s, trademarks, sales leads and sales information remain as JetBoard Technology under the license agreement. Bob Montgomery and the Hydroforce Group reserve all rights historically to the following trademark names, copyrighted including: PowerSki, JetBoard,  JetBoard Technology, Powerski Jetboard. Bob MOntgomery and the Hydroforce Group-the patent owners have been continuously using these trademarked names since the early days and continued to sell product commercially.    Pictures below show the early developments of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard Technology by the inventor him self and later on by the inventor together with patent owners group-Hydroforce.

The Patented PowerSki JetBoard was also granted with exception from the US Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard approval is valid only for the original PowerSki JetBoard and is not equivalent with the EPA and/or Carb approval needed for the PowerSki JetBoard to be available for sale in the USA.

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