The History of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard

The patented PowerSki JetBoard™ was invented by Bob Montgomery in the mid 1980s.  Bob designed and built his first prototypes in his garage in 1987.  The above photo shows Bob in 1988 making his first turn on his first working prototype JetBoard™.

The HydroForce Group, LLC was founded by Bob in 1991 and licensed by him with the exclusive rights for both the PowerSki JetBoard™ and its Flat Engine technology.   These rights included Research and Development of the JetBoard's design and performance, its Manufacturing, Marketing, and worldwide Sales.  Under the licensing agreement all design improvements for tooling, manufacturing, design specifications, IPs, trademarks, sales leads and sales information remain as JetBoard Technology™.

Bob Montgomery and the HydroForce Group, LLC reserve all historical rights to the following copyrighted trademarks, PowerSki, JetBoard™, JetBoard Technology™, and PowerSki JetBoard™.  Since the beginning, Bob Montgomery and the HydroForce Group, LLC, the patent holders, have been continuously using these trademark names and to sell their product commercially.

The photos displayed below show the early development of the PowerSki Jetboard™ and its technology by its inventor, Bob Montgomery, and later on Bob together with the patent owners of the HydroForce Group, LLC.

Part 4 Year 2000-2011 and into the future coming soon...

Below: Bob Montgomery nose riding on the EasyCarve Long Nose Patented PowerSki JetBoard™ in China
Below: Pro/Engineer Software CAD rendering of the PowerSki JetBoard™

BELOW: Chad Montgomery laying down one legged turn on the Patented PowerSki JetBoard 
BELOW: Bob Montgomery Nose Riding on the EasyCarve™ Long Nose model of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard in China
The PowerSki Jetboard™ is a lightweight, easy to ride, single rider, stand-up motorized surfboard. The Ultimate Machine for jetboarders world wide. Below Chad Montgomery making his signature turn on the PowerSki JetBoard.
The PowerSki Jetboard utilizes the natural balance of the sideways stance that has catapulted the popularity of surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing and snowboarding.  The PowerSki JetBoard™ is a motorized water-ski/surfboard that brings the California surf lifestyle to any lake, river or ocean worldwide. Below Chad Montgomery flying on the PowerSki JetBoard.

Below: Bob Montgomery, the inventor, testing the ShortNose Patented Powerski JetBoard(tm) Prototype in early 1990's with the Mercury Engine
Below: Bob Montgomery's, inventor's, early 1990's his first Patented Hydroforce™ PowerSki JetBoard™ Short Nose Prototype with the Mercury Engine. 

As a note, Bob the Inventor and surfer, from the very beginning always wanted a short nose model, as you can see above with the first patented Powerski Jetboard prototypes with the Mercury Engines in the early 90’s. The Fire Extinguisher Front Compartment is required by the US Coast Guard and Bob needed more length to incorporate this compartment. The longer jetboard(tm) just like a longer surfboard gives more stability for the rider.  

Below: Bob Montgomery, the inventor, holding the foam handle prototype, describing the changes from his patented powerski jetboard (TM) handle design, single trigger, that he wanted to incorporate into his new double trigger handle design. Please note the Hydroforce Logo on the paperwork on the table.
Below: Bob Montgomery, the inventor, foam evolution of his handle design. After design discussions the next step were sketches as seen on the table for the first time to the public. Second step was to shape a prototype mock up out of foam. The next step was to finalize the design in CAD software, Pro/Engineer, which accomplished as seen on the pictures below.
Below: Bob Montgomery, the inventor of the Patented PowerSki JetBoard™ and Engine Technology , with Bob on the cover shot and feature in the Design News Magazine Article about the history and patents of his invention.
Please read below editors note on Bob Montgomery's innovation, patents and designs.
Below you can read about all the design changes that Bob Montgomery, the inventor, wanted to incorporate into his double trigger handle design, but that were not totally included in the production design. No worries Bob has many more new handle designs that could be incorporated into the board and the handle in the future that are proprietary at this point.

Below: Robert Montgomery catching air on the Patented PowerSki JetBoard™

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